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Desert Highland Gateway Estates Community Action Association



The Purpose shall be to provide a vehicle for addressing the concerns of the community. The areas of concern include, but are not limited to law enforcement, schools, safety, code enforcement, as well as other neighborhood impacts. The Association shall serve as a base for communication within the community and with The City of Palm Springs. 


The second Tuesday of the Month of each month except  July and August

7:00pm Unless otherwise noted

J.O.J. Desert Highland Unity Center

480 Tramview Road

Palm Springs Ca. 92262

Vision Statement


Desert Highland Gateway Estates Community Action Association is the oldest neighborhood associations in Palm Springs.

We are a committee that aspires to provide a better quality of life for its community members.

The committee will act as a mechanism for open communication, participation, and collaboration between community members and the City of Palm Springs.

The committee will work to improve the physical character of the neighborhood, as well as encourage new development in the community.

The Desert Highland Gateway Estates Community Action Association hopes to see a community that is one day beautiful, safe, clean, and stronger.

Mission Statement


We intend to realize our Vision:

by working with Law Enforcement and the Building and Safety Department; to ensure a safe community

by continually holding monthly community meetings

by working in partnership with city officials and various city departments such as Economic Development and the Planning Department

by uniting the neighborhood churches and its leaders, get the pastors more involved. They must be more active and visible in the community.

by being more united and less divided



The Desert Highland Gateway Estates Community Action Association was first organized in 1967 as the Gateway Community Association. The volunteer neighborhood group was dedicated to the continual beautification of the Gateway Estates, the fostering of cooperative fellowship in welcoming new neighbors, and the creation of activities for the youth of the community.

James O. Jessie Desert Highland Unity Center Profile


2017-Youth-Report (pdf)