Desert X Art Installation By John Gerrard Assembled Behind Palm Springs Visitor's Center

John Gerrard of Ireland is bringing a piece of Texas to Desert X by exhibiting a digital simulation of his Texas installation, “Western Flag,” at the Palm Springs entryway. “Western Flag” depicts the world’s first major oil find, the Lucas Gusher in Spindletop, Texas, now exhausted and barren, spewing computer-generated black smoke from a flag pole. It will do the same in parallel real time in the Coachella Valley as a reminder of how the desert's natural resources have been exploited and depleted while growing to its current state of civilization. 

It would be set back behind the Palm Springs  Visitor's Center. This temporary exhibit would be on display from Feb. 7 through April 21, 2019. The dimensions of the LED screen are: Length: 31’ 6”, Height: 29’ 10.5”, Depth: 19’ 2”

Palm Springs Visitor's Center 

2901 North Palm Canyon Drive 

Palm Springs, CA 92262.


"Specter" by Sterling Ruby

This bright red-orange monolith stands out against the more neutral palette of the desert. It's meant to create an optical illusion, "set apart from the natural environment, hiding in plain sight." 

 33.912473, -116.666832

Hours: Open from sunrise to sunset

Address: 98-2 Snowcreek Canyon Road, Whitewater,